Program Summary

In 2017, Day Spring launched the College for Living program tailored to adults with disabilities who have the drive and the capacity to live independently someday. College for Living is a privately paid educational program for young adults designed to mirror the college experience that many of their peers experience after leaving high school. Students live on or off campus with individualized education and care plans designed to promote skill-building and foster independence.

Support is provided to students in a variety of ways, including mentorship, weekly classes, and unique resources.

Your Educational Plans

Experience semi-independent living as a residential student, or as a commuter student!

Residential Students

Students who live on campus at the College for Living get to experience living on their own with added support. This model encourages students to gain responsibility and develop an individual routine that will help them be successful in attending a minimum of three weekly one-hour classes. Life Skills Mentors are on campus daily to offer support if needed. Residential students are on a path of developing the skills needed to live independently in the community. These students also have access to our 24 hour helpline for overnight support and emergency situation.  

Commuter Students

Not ready to live on your own quite yet? No problem! Commuter students have the opportunity to sharpen their life skills and build community without living on campus. Students elect how many classes they would like to attend each month and are invited to College for Living events and outings. They also receive priority when a residential spot becomes available. Click here for more information. 

Contact Information

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